Uncertain Times Call For Decisive Criminal Defense

Facing the possibility of criminal charges can be stressful. The consequences can last a lifetime: Having a record, no matter how minor the charges may feel to you, can make it difficult for you to find a job or housing. This effect can trickle down to your family, making their lives more difficult as well. It is in your best interest to retain a law firm that knows what to do to minimize the negative consequences of your arrest.

The Help You Deserve, No Matter Your Charges

The lawyers at Holsinger, Clark & Armstrong, P.C., know what to do to protect you. Whether you are facing charges yourself or seeking representation for a loved one, the lawyers at the firm are ready to provide stellar defense. They have helped clients with a wide variety of charges, including:

Alcohol-related offenses: Driving under the influence (DUI) charges can have heavy penalties, with even jail time as a possibility.

Drug crimes: This includes possession, manufacturing and trafficking.

Traffic violations: Your tickets may seem trivial, but they can stack up and lead to consequences later like a suspended license and heavy fines.

Underage offenses: For college students and other young people, an underage offense such as underage drinking or use of a fake ID can have a lasting effect on their life.

Because there are decades of combined experience on the team, the lawyers at the firm understand the local system thoroughly. They know when to cooperate with law enforcement and when to be aggressive in fighting on your behalf. By their efforts, they may be able to get charges reduced or even dismissed.

Seasoned Defense Attorneys, Ready For Your Call

Facing charges does not have to mean facing the consequences. Skilled legal representation may be able to get you a more favorable outcome. To discuss your case with a lawyer, call the firm's Indiana office at 724-471-0129 or contact them online to schedule an initial consultation.