Protect Your Family After Your Death

If an individual passes away without a proper estate plan, their estate could go through costly and sometimes unnecessary probate, a legal process meant to distribute their assets. Creating an estate plan tailored to your needs can keep your family out of unnecessary probate and protect your hard-earned wealth.

Holsinger, Clark & Armstrong, P.C., has been helping individuals with their estate administration needs in Pennsylvania for over 80 years. The team can help you create an estate plan that will protect your assets and ensure that your wishes are respected after you pass away.

The Benefits Of Estate Planning

The attorneys are committed to creating a solution for each client, tailored to their individual situation. There are several ways to arrange an estate, including:

  • A will: Wills allow you to do things like divide your assets, choose an executor for your estate and choose a guardian for your children.
  • A trust: Placing your property in a trust can sometimes help reduce estate administration costs, as well as taxes. It also offers more privacy than a will, which is normally a matter of public record once submitted to the court for probate.
  • An advance directive: These are documents by which you may detail your wishes in the event you are incapacitated and give someone you choose the legal authority to speak on your behalf. They include living wills and powers of attorney. By arranging an advance directive, you can be certain that your wishes will be respected.

Because the attorneys at the firm are experienced in both estate planning and probate administration, they can help you prepare your estate in such a way that you can avoid probate. If a loved one has passed away and it is necessary to go to probate court, the attorneys are highly skilled and are able to manage the process on your behalf.

Get Peace Of Mind For Your Family

Every individual is in a completely unique situation regarding their assets and wishes. That is why you need a personalized estate plan, prepared by seasoned estate planning and probate attorneys. To discuss your situation with a skilled estate planning lawyer, call the firm's Indiana office today at 724-471-0129, or contact us online. The attorneys at Holsinger, Clark & Armstrong, P.C., can help you find the personalized solution that is right for you.