Complex Matters Call For Skilled Representation

The firm's long history in the Indiana area has made Holsinger, Clark & Armstrong, P.C., the go-to firm for many local corporations, as well as individuals. Through its work in real estate and other property issues, the team has deep experience in both state and federal regulations surrounding financial law.

Meeting Your Litigation Needs

The team of attorneys at Holsinger, Clark & Armstrong, P.C., offer litigation strategies that are efficient and cost-effective, in areas including:

  • Business law. Disputes involving employers, business partners, clients or vendors can all necessitate litigation. Issues such as breach of contract are also common litigation issues.
  • Real estate. Whether you are managing your personal real estate portfolio or it is a corporate matter, you may encounter issues with purchase and sale agreements, contracts regarding construction and more. Because of the team's experience in real estate law, they are an excellent choice to pursue real estate-related litigation on your behalf.
  • Property disputes. Issues such as easements and rights-of-way can sometimes require litigation to settle.

Whether your issue is personal or business-related, the attorneys will manage your case carefully, being straightforward with you every step of the way. Often it is possible to settle litigation outside of court, coming to resolution with the other party. If it is necessary, the attorneys will take your case to court, working for the most favorable resolution possible.

Attorneys Are Ready For Your Call

Holsinger, Clark & Armstrong, P.C., strives to provide its clients with excellent legal services in a cost-effective manner. To discuss your case with one of the firm's lawyers and find out what they can do for you, call the firm's Indiana office at 724-471-0129 or contact them online.