Your Property Investments Are Valuable

Property is an investment that lasts, and protecting it is of the utmost importance. The attorneys at Holsinger, Clark & Armstrong, P.C., have been helping clients do that for more than 80 years.

Keeping Your Interests The Top Priority

Real estate makes up a large part of the firm's practice. The attorneys can counsel you through buying or selling, financing and other essential parts of the process. They also help clients with more complicated issues, such as:

  • Easements, including right of ways: An easement is the ability for you to enter or use a piece of land without owning it. It can be useful if a neighbor's land stands between you and another piece of land you own, or a public piece of land. A right of way is a type of easement specifically for transportation purposes, including utilities like phone and gas lines, as well as oil and gas pipelines.
  • Title work, such as title insurance and action to quiet title: With several licensed title agents among the attorneys at the firm, you can be certain that you will receive the counsel you need on title matters. If a cloud on title, or an issue with the title, is discovered through a search prior to obtaining title insurance, the attorneys can initiate an action to quiet title to solve the issue and allow you to go ahead with your purchase.
  • Actions to quiet title: If you are facing questions around the rightful ownership of a piece of property, you need legal representation to help you settle, and therefore "quiet," any claims to the property.
  • Subdivisions: As you work to divide or develop property into multiple parcels, the experienced property law attorneys at Holsinger, Clark & Armstrong, P.C. will advise you and ensure that your interests are protected.

The team has extensive experience working with both private individuals and companies on property law matters.

Oil, Gas And Mineral Law

Holsinger, Clark & Armstrong, P.C., calls home an area of Pennsylvania that has a long and rich history of coal, oil and gas production predating development of the Marcellus Shale. As a result, several attorneys at the firm have gained substantial experience working with clients in the oil, gas and coal industries as well as individual mineral rights holders and landowners. Partner Samuel Clark formerly held the position of Regional Counsel for the Southwest Region of the Pennsylvania. In this position he provided counsel to the coal, oil and gas industry regulators.

The team offers help creating leases, easements and other agreements regarding oil, gas and mineral use, as well as resolving disputes over rights, ownership and more.

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