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You can fight back against your HOA

A homeowners association can come with many benefits. For those who like extra perks and personalized lawn care, being part of an HOA can be great.

However, some can create nightmares for members. In some cases, HOA board members may enforce strict rules that can be hard to keep up with. These specific and sometimes tedious rules can create a headache for those living under the provisions of the HOA. However, the association still has a legal obligation to abide by federal and state housing laws, no matter what your HOA president says.

What is an action to quiet title?

When you buy or receive property, the true owner of the title may be in question. While there are several different reasons that may put the title in question, you can file a preemptive lawsuit against anyone that may have a claim to the title.

An action to quiet title settles your claim on a title against anyone with a possible challenge. This action clears the title of your property so that no one can try to claim ownership of it in the future.

Estate planning basics: Should I use a will or a trust?

Thinking about your goals and wishes for after your death can be confusing. Not only are there many family considerations, there are legal needs and processes to be aware of as well. This is especially true if it’s your first time doing any estate planning.

There are two terms you probably see mentioned a lot: wills and trusts. While both can be used to express how you want to divide your estate, each have different requirements, as well as advantages and disadvantages. Here’s a quick rundown.

You must choose a legally valid reason to ask for divorce

If you are thinking about asking for divorce, you probably have carefully considered why you believe divorce is the best option for your situation. However, you may also need to consider what legally valid reason, called a ground, you will use when filing for divorce.

Even if you have thought carefully about your personal reason for divorce, it can still be beneficial to consider the ground you will use because the ground you choose can affect the timeline, process and outcome of your divorce. Pennsylvania recognizes four different types of grounds, including fault grounds, an institutionalization ground, a mutual consent ground and an irretrievable breakdown ground.

Why you need an attorney for an adoption

Adopting a child is a big step in a person’s life. Maybe you and your partner are adding to your family, or maybe an adopted child is your first offspring. Perhaps you are a stepparent adopting your stepchild. Whatever the situation, you are nervous and excited about your new role.

But before you move forward with the process, you might consider hiring an adoption attorney. Here are four reasons hiring a lawyer is a smart move.

Selling your home? Here’s what you need to know.

f you think back to when you bought your home, you probably remember the array of documents and contracts. Real estate transactions are complex, and so are the necessary contracts and documents that go with them.

It was also likely an exciting time to buy your home, and the sale of your house is often just as exciting. Perhaps your family has grown and you're ready for more space. Or maybe you got a big promotion are looking to upgrade. Whatever the case, selling your home often comes with the excitement of buying a new one.

Buying your first home: Common legal issues

Buying a home is a big deal, especially if you’ve never done it before. For most people, it’s the most significant one-time transaction you’ll ever make. Because of this, you want to be sure to do it right. While most home sales proceed smoothly, some of them don’t, and the risks to the buyer can be substantial. As with all big decisions, you’re better safe than sorry. Here are some things you’ll want to watch out for.


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